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Thanks to active cooperation with foreign partner lawyers, we are ready to provide legal assistance to you in the territory of the Italian Republic and Russia in the following areas:

Family Law:

- Consultations and remote support for Russian citizens in divorce proceedings in Italy;
- Dissolution of an Italian marriage in Russian courts where one spouse is a citizen of the Russian Federation;
- Child custody and residence issues;
- Child and spousal support (alimony);
- Property disputes.

Inheritance Law:

- Advisory assistance regarding inheritance acceptance in Italy by Russian and Italian citizens in Russia, judicial representation.


Civil Law:

- Preparation of claims and objections thereto;
- Collection of evidence, negotiation with opposing counsel;
- Judicial representation;
- Disputes arising from contractual obligations;
- Enforcement of foreign court decisions in Italy and Russia.


Immigration Law:

- Consultations and assistance in obtaining citizenship and residence permits.

Criminal Law:

- Defense against criminal prosecution;
- Representation of victims of criminal offenses;
- Defense against extradition from the territory of Italy.


Preparation of expert opinions based on Italian and Russian legislation.

Стоимость консультации 

итальянского адвоката-партнера

от 150 евро.

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