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Thanks to active cooperation with foreign partner lawyers, we are ready to provide you with legal assistance in the Republic of Cyprus in the following areas.

Registration and Legal Servicing of Companies, Corporate Law:

- Formation of companies worldwide and assistance in entrepreneurial activities.
- Preparation of international trusts.
- Preparation and completion of Wills.
- Tax planning.
- Opening and administration of bank accounts in Cyprus.
- Insurance matters.
- Business consulting and assistance in business development.
- Assistance in asset valuation.

Admiralty/Maritime Law – Yacht Registration – Maritime Insurance:

- Establishment of shipping company/shipping group of companies.
- Preparation of legal opinions on the best approach for organizing/reorganizing a shipping group/consortium.
- Registration of newly built or used vessels in the Cyprus Ship Registry under the Cyprus flag.
- Preparation of bills of sale for the sale/purchase of vessels.
- Preparation/review of ship charter agreements, etc.


Legal expertise and/or drafting of sale-purchase agreements or any other agreements related to real and movable property:

- Comprehensive support for real estate transactions.
- Preliminary consultation.
- Property verification at the Land Registry.
- Drafting of sale-purchase agreements.
- Obtaining Council of Ministers' approval for property acquisition.
- Registration of agreements at the Land Registry.
- Transfer of all utilities to the new owner, linking to a bank account.

- Transfer of property ownership certificate (title) to the new owner.


Family Law:

- Dissolution of civil marriage through divorce proceedings and/or dissolution of church marriage.
- Division of marital property.
- Establishment or contestation of paternity, and others.
- Special attention is always given to ensuring the well-being of all children in accordance with the law.


Civil Law:

- Preparation of lawsuits and responses thereto.
- Collection of evidence, negotiation process with opponent's attorneys.
- Judicial representation.
- Disputes arising from debt obligations.
- Filing lawsuits to obtain court orders for freezing accounts, imposing arrest on movable/immovable property, presenting arrested property in court, filing claims outside jurisdiction, etc.

Labor Law

Immigration Law:

Consultations and assistance in the preparation, completion, and submission of citizenship applications.


Criminal Law:

- Defense against criminal prosecution.
- Protection of victims of criminal offenses.
- Protection against extradition from the territory of Cyprus. Preparation of expert opinions according to the legislation of Cyprus and Russia.


The cost of consultation with a Cypriot lawyer-partner starts from 150 euros.

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